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Extrusion Line - Glacier Excel Series 600EU & 1200 EU

Supplier:  WCB Ice Cream

With WCB Ice Cream’s extrusion line, you can produce any type of ice cream products, such as cones, sticked slices, stickless slices, logs, sandwiches, cakes, balls, etc…

Optional Product Equipment:

  • Ice cream, chocolate, ripple, pencil and other decoration units.
  • Chewing gum dispensers.
  • Automatic feed stick inserter.
  • Automatic cone dispenser.
  • Automatic cookie dispenser.
  •  Extended worktable length for extra product stations.

Optional Machine Equipment:

  • Coil on side for limited height production rooms.
  • Stainless, finless coils for long production runs without defrost.
  • Fully welded insulated vaults.
  • Extended dwell time for hardening of bulk products.
  • Extra height for large cone production.
  • Access space between conveyor banks for cleaning.
  • Equipment for handling and hardening of off-line flat-top cone, cups and bulk products.
  • Multiple worktables for plant layout flexibility.

Operation Principle

The ice cream is pumped from continuous ice cream freezers to extrusion nozzles or filling nozzles, depending on the product.

For extruded products, the ice cream is cut with a heated wire-cutter, and the ice cream slide falls onto the continuously moving product plates.

For sticked products, the stick is inserted into the ice cream flow before the cut.  Filled products such as ball-top cones or Tartufo are made with filling nozzles mounted on tracking platforms.

The product size and shape are operation-controlled for maximum flexibility.

After hardening in the insulated hardening tunnel, the sticked products and cones are picked-up automatically from the plate by a single or multi-lane system, depending on the production capacity.

After dipping in chocolate or any dipping product of your choice, the products are placed into a single or multi-lane wrapper.

Stickless products can also be enrobed, and be handled with a variety of systems, depending on the product and the required degree of automation.

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